Young Brit heats up Vine with 6-second covers

14-year-old Keelan Freeman isn’t a household name on short-form video sharing site Vine just yet, but he could be right on the verge of blowing up big.

The British teenager’s brief cover of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” has over 8,000 likes and nearly 2,000 re-vines on the sharing site. You only get to hear him singing the first few lines of the first verse, but the kid sounds pretty good.

The brief clip also received nearly 300 retweets and nearly 600 likes when it was highlighted by popular Twitter account Six Second Covers (which you can follow at @SixSecCov, if you’re interested). “This kid killed it,” the Twitter account proclaimed. “Make this go viral.”

Freeman’s videos have also been highlighted by other Vine accounts like Gifted Voices, which posts daily clips of undiscovered signing talent.

Freeman also sounds pretty good while covering a Justin Bieber song about Selena Gomez. No, it’s not “Sorry.” No, it’s not “Mark my Words.” No, no, it’s not “What Do You Mean.” Wait… is it about Selena Gomez? What if it’s about Kendall Jenner? Anyway, it’s a Justin Bieber song.

All in all, judging by his Vine videos, Keelan has become pretty adept at covering teen idol tunes, usually accompanying himself with a simple backup track on the piano. Here he is in an older video, singing an Ed Sheeran tune (although judging by the clip, Keelan has certainly progressed in terms of getting the camera to focus on his face, and not his shirt collar).

And here he is doing a little bit of Adele. After all, “When We Were Young” is the perfect song for a 14-year-old to cover.

Here’s something a little bit more old school, that is, a 2005 Mariah Carey track from her acclaimed album, “The Emancipation of Mimi.” Keelan certainly deserves props for picking a diverse track list of songs to cover, with a nice balance between male and female divas.

After some more social media stalking, it becomes clear that Freeman could also have a future career in gymnastics if he decides that singing isn’t his thing.

As one video commenter remarks, “Holy crap what can’t this kid do.”

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