You’ll never need to communicate in words again with this keyboard

At first glance this may seem like a prank items, but this emoji keyboard is the real deal. No need to communicate with pesky words and letters anymore. Just sling a stream of emojis together to really get your point across.

EmojiWorks has dreamed up this melange of cute images and keyboard keys because they say, “Hey Internet, your vocabulary has grown but your tools haven’t. We redesigned the keyboard for the alphabet of emotion and the language of the Internet.”

The emoji keyboards aren’t quite ready to buy, but you can pre-order one of three versions. The basic version is $49.99, plus is $74.99, and pro is $99.99. The EmojiWorks website doesn’t spell out the difference in the versions in words or in emojis, but from the images it looks like the more you pay the more emojis they squeeze onto the keyboard.

And since you were wondering, yes, the pile-o-poop emoji is on there – the #6 key. Someone messed up, it should totally be on the #2 key.

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