Woman throws Wheel of Fortune game for fellow veteran

Pat Sajak is completely confused as Nura, a military veteran playing agains fellow vets during Wheel of Fortune’s Veteran’s Week, makes some very odd letter choices during one of the games. Now we’ve all yelled at our TVs at some of the morons that appear on this show, as if any of us can be assured of performing any better under that type of pressure. And being a whiz at Wheel of Fortune is like saying you’re the best at zipping a zip-lock bag. Dominate at Jeopardy if you want respect.

Regardless, apparently Pat Sajak wasn’t the only one dumbfounded by Nura’s strategy, or lack thereof as seen in multiple Tweets.

But it looks like Nura was actually being a downright swell person. One of the contestants hadn’t won any money, and Nura was leading by a wide margin. Although she never admitted it, it seems Nura threw the game so her fellow service person could win some dough.

Thanks for your service and for being an awesome human, Nura. Faith in humanity very briefly restored.

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