When you are bored, get a bunch of balloons and do THIS

Ah, the balloon: one of the most valuable tools for any prankster out there.

In his latest installment, YouTube star Crazy Russian Hacker shares five creative pranks that can be done with balloons.

The pranks range from the classic — filling a friend’s car with balloons on a birthday — to those with a more scientific bent.

Cut a hole through the bottom of a milk carton package, slip a balloon inside, fill it with water and then quickly seal it shut. The next person to open the milk will receive a nasty surprise, as pressure will make the water-filled balloon squirt liquid everywhere. It’s a do-it-yourself, milk-carton-balloon-volcano, if you will. Try this prank on the cereal lover in your life – they’ll be sure to never forget it.

A similar prank involves putting an untied water balloon on the inner shelf of a refrigerator, and then shutting the fridge door, so that the fridge door itself is what keeps the water balloon sealed shut. The next person to open the fridge will also receive an unfortunate shock, as water will spew out of the balloon all over the floor. To make the prank extra memorable, hide the mop, or fill the balloon with something stickier than water. Mountain Dew, anyone?

Crazy Russian Hacker – whose real name is Taras Kulakov – used to work at Walmart before he started his YouTube channel in 2013. Since then, he’s uploaded over 730 videos, most of them riffs on cool science experiments or different life hacks.

His Russian accent is definitely a bit thick at times, but that just adds to the watchability factor. After all, when was the last time you heard a Russian man explain so many different tricks that can be done with balloons?

The simplest of his balloon pranks is also literally the most shocking. Just take a balloon to a door. The next person to walk inside will cause the balloon to explode as the door hits the wall. Don’t try this on your jumpy friend with anxiety issues – unless you really want to see them shriek their head off.

For more Crazy Russian Hacker videos, check out his channel.

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