Weird animal behavior – you can’t make this stuff up

Animals never fail to entertain with weird behavior. Apart from the basic knowledge that we know about animals, we still have lots of things to learn, especially some of these out of the ordinary behaviors.

  1. Underground frogs

    Purple frog with a pig-like nose

    Is it really possible of a frog to live underground? Just recently, there was a colorful amphibian that was discovered in the Western Ghats in India. The amphibian is a purple frog with a pig-like nose, or the Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis to be all science-y sounding. It is considered one of the endangered species in India. The amphibian does not necessarily live underground only that the males venture underground to attract females. We’re not sure how digging a hole underground gets the lady frogs croaking, but if it works who are we to judge?

  2. Birds that poison themselves

    Great Bustard bird, a master or poison.

    Great Bustard (Otis tarda) is a species of bird that has a flare for the dramatic when it comes to love. Studies show that male great bustards poison themselves by eating blister (poisonous) beetles during courtship. It is found that the more blister beetles they eat, the more attractive they become to the female bustard birds. It’s a daredevil diet that will endanger their lives later on. Evidently sweet singing isn’t enough. Female bustards demand life threatening romance.

  3. Coyotes in the city

    Coyotes lurking in the heart of Chicago

    There are reports about coyotes who find it more comfortable to live in the downtown of Chicago than in the forest. Many were shocked to see coyotes roaming their city. Some think the predators might be attracted to light, which is why they prefer to live in the city for good. Hunting feral city cats and cat-sized city rats may be easier prey than hunting in the wild. Or the yummy garbage around Chicago’s many fine eateries may be just too alluring for these city slicking canines.

  4. Foot Dancing Frogs

    Dancing frog breaking it down (img src: National Geographic)

    Frogs legs aren’t just delicious, they are quite useful for dancing. In Western India, species of dancing frogs display their fancy footwork by dancing during courtship rituals. The male frogs would wave their foot to the female frog as a way of showing their interest. John Travolta might learn a thing or two from these romantic salsa dancing amphibians.

  5. Immaculate snake conception

    Thelma the python gives birth to 6 without a mate

    It is very rare for snakes to gave birth to six females without copulating with a male snake. The female python named Thelma lives at Louisville Zoo Kentucky. The DNA evidence revealed that Thelma is the single parent for the six female snakes. Jurassic Park here we come!

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