Watch this without shedding a tear! We dare you.

Every day it seems to get a little harder to find something inspirational in the news. An episode of Undercover Boss featuring Angel, an associate at Modell’s sporting goods, has at least temporarily restored our faith in humanity.

While believing she was giving a fellow employee a pep talk, what she was really doing was describing, to the company CEO, the incredibly difficult times she and her children had endured. And in doing so, she inspired him to promote her to assistant manger, give her a $14,000 raise and give her a $250,000 check, after taxes, asking her to move out of her homeless shelter that night.

Now we can’t help but wonder how this made the other employees feel, but clearly this woman is someone special. Any business owner is lucky to have employees who love their jobs like she seems to.

If you’re in a hurry, skip to 4:00 in this video, but if not, enjoy the entire thing.

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