This sleepy lion wakes up just like a house cat!

Getting up from naptime is hard, and it’s no easier when you’re a giant lioness snoozing in the sun.

A series of Vines from user @BigCatDerek shows Layla the lioness yawn, stretch, and shake off that sleepiness just like a regular sized kitty. Except for the fact that Layla is about twenty times larger and heavier than your regular house cat. When she yawns, revealing a set of pointy teeth, you don’t need any more reminders that Layla is definitely not a pet.

In the end, she decides to stop snoozing. For Layla, getting up is worth it, in order to walk up to the camera and say hello in an adorable video close-up.

Layla is one of dozens large cats at the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE), located on a 20-acre park in Bridgeport, Texas. Many of the big cats kept here were rescued from circuses or private owners where they may have been abused or abandoned.  

According to the CARE website, Layla is 12 years old and used to live with two other tigers in the sanctuary. However, they didn’t always get along, as Layla can sometimes be “quite the diva.” You can see a little bit of that diva coming out in the video when she stretches it out!

It can get pretty warm in northern Texas, so it’s no wonder that Layla decided to take advantage of the sunny afternoon and take a nap under the tree in her enclosure.

Layla is also the mom of a four-year-old lioness called Noel, who doesn’t appear in the Vine videos. But as lions are very social animals, it’s no wonder that Layla needed to take a break from being a mom and take a catnap in the Texas sun. Layla’s mate, Sampson doesn’t appear in the Vine videos either, as sadly he was put to sleep in June 2015 due to problems with seizures.

Vine user @BigCatDerek is the operations director of the CARE animal sanctuary, and he also posts videos of the sanctuary’s bobcats, leopards, tigers, pumas, and more over at his YouTube channel. The channel also includes more Vine compilations.

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