Strangers help single mom and her sick son get their dream home

One Kansas City family may soon receive a newly renovated home by Christmas, thanks to donations from strangers.

As local news channel KSHB reports, the Hooker family first bought the house in northeast Kansas City, Missouri last year. However, soon afterwards the home was condemned because it was sinking into the ground, leaving the family with no place of their own to stay.

Cherita Hooker struggled to make ends meet for her three children, especially for her 16-year-old son, Ja’Mori, who suffers from kidney failure. Dialysis treatments and various surgeries for Ja’Mori resulted in steep medical bills for the Hooker family.

Nevertheless, Ja’Mori told his mother that what he really wanted for Christmas was not good health, but a home where each member of the family could have a room of their own.

Kansas City resident Stephanie Myers soon heard of Ja’Mori’s request. She runs a non-profit organization, Parenting Children with Special Needs, which is dedicated to making wishes come true for sick children.

Myers was also touched by Ja’Mori’s situation because she also has a son with kidney disease, reported KSHB.

She began asking contractors to help renovate the house free of charge. Many were all too happy to oblige. Myers didn’t even have to wait very long to get a response, she told a KSHB reporter. Contractors agreed to donate new hardwood floors, new tiles, new insulation, and other services to the house. The house will also be getting new windows, as well as the electricity and plumbing installed, all at no expense to the Hooker family.

Contractors even installed new steel support beams, in order to prevent the house from sinking further.

Other volunteers are pitching in alongside Myers, carrying out various installation, repair, and cleaning jobs.

In the KSHB report, Cherita appears visibly overwhelmed as she explores the house, which is still undergoing renovations. “I didn’t think it was real,” she whispers.

Myers and other volunteers hope to have the home ready for the Hookers by Christmas. It is reportedly the most ambitious project that Myers’ organization has even done. “It’s been the biggest undertaking I could ever imagine,” she told KSHB.

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