Stack of presents chases down pedestrians in holiday prank

Residents in San Luis Obispo, California didn’t know what they were getting into when they approached what looked like a harmless stack of gifts.

Once the gifts started moving and chasing them down the street, they knew that something was out of the ordinary.

In the latest stunt by magician Rich Ferguson, he uses a hidden hoverboard to move the stack of presents around at will.

The video shows startled children running around screaming, shrieking teenagers, and very confused and startled adults, as the gift stack follows them down the street.

“Is it like some robot?” one pedestrian is overheard asking.

Another prank victim clumsily tries to stack the boxes, apparently convinced that the gifts are moving because he knocked them over.

Most people take the joke in good faith, and are seen chuckling and giggling in amazement as the stack of gifts spins around, speeds up, slows down, and even crosses the street.

“Is someone in there?” another girl is overheard saying in disbelief.

Someone is indeed, as evident in the video’s final shot, which shows the stack of boxes hitting a crack on the sidewalk and then go tumbling over, revealing the person driving the scooter inside.

On his YouTube channel, Ferguson notes that the video took several days to film, and that it was actually quite a challenge to build a stack of boxes that looked realistic, and yet would still allow someone to remain hidden inside. Ferguson also states that the shoot saw several epic fails, as his collaborators got used to “driving” the boxes around.

As a magician, Ferguson is known for his card tricks and for serving as the resident prank expert on “The Tonight Show.” As a prankster, he gained some notoriety a few years ago for this Halloween stunt, in which it looks as though his head is falling off in broad daylight. The video has been viewed over 11 million times, and is sure to elicit plenty of how did he do it? reactions.

As for his Christmas prank, Ferguson has promised to give away a free scooter to whatever fan leaves the “funniest, most clever, or most sincere” holiday message in the video’s comment section.

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