President Trump 2016 – The race is over whether you realize it or not

There are two key points in Donald Trump’s campaign platform that are likely to give him the nomination and the presidency.

Mental Health Treatment Programs

His promise to expand treatment programs for people who have developed mental illnesses is a winner. Gun control in the U.S. is an incredibly complex and polarizing topic, but it’s hard to disagree with treating the mentally ill and voters from both sides of the aisle see it as a solid alternative to stricter gun control. After all, sane people don’t commit mass murder. Treat the mentally ill and we reduce the murders. 

Tax Reforms

Donald’s promise to reform taxes is obviously resonating with many voters. His plan would remove 75 million households from owing any taxes (those individually making 25k or less or households making 50k or less). The proportion of rich taxpayers to poor is continuing to widen and with that comes many more voters would will vote toward his tax plan.

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