Prankster mocks Starbucks holiday red cup controversy

Social media prankster Evan Rosenman has his own take on the fuss over Starbucks’ red holiday cups.

Some critics see Starbucks’ use of disposable red coffee cups as evidence of a “war on Christmas.”

The reasoning, as best as we understand it, goes as follows: since Starbucks doesn’t print “Merry Christmas” on the cups, this is evidence of a wider cultural movement to de-emphasize the role of Jesus Christ in the holiday. And this is part of a wider, nefarious scheme to persecute Christians in the name of political correctness.

In the past, Starbucks cups have featured winter-themed designs: snowmen, ornaments, and a polar bear on a sled.

This year, the cups are a deep red color, prompting reactions such as these:

Enter Evan Rosenman.

The self-described “world traveling entertainer” took quite a few Starbucks employees by surprise with his latest prank.

Throughout the video, Rosenman visits various Starbucks, orders a coffee, then replaces the plain red cup with various imposter versions.

These include a red cup plastered with holiday themed stickers — reindeer, snowmen, and a big old “Merry Christmas.” “I thought you guys were just doing the plain red cups?” Rosenman asks in mock bewilderment. “Why’s it say merry Christmas? I’m Jewish, I don’t want this!”

Later in the video, Rosenman takes the prank up a notch. He asks one Starbucks employee to write “Merry Christmas” on the cup, then sneakily replaces it with another cup that says, “Jesus freak.”

“What’s this about?” he asks in confusion, as the panicked employee calls over the manager.

“Are you messing with me?” another employee asks in horror, after Rosenman reveals a cup that says, “Happy Kwanzaa.”

In one scene, Rosenman reveals a fake cup that has “Happy Hannukah” written on it, along with another sentence that he says is written in “Hebrew.” “I celebrate Christmas!” he tells a shocked Starbucks employee. “I don’t want a cup that says happy Hannukah. That’s kind of offensive, don’t you think?”

The employees’ look of relief after Rosenman tells them they’ve just been pranked has got to be seen to be believed.

The one downside of the prank, Rosenman notes by the end of the video, is the number of coffees he had to consume in order to film it.

In any case, happy holidays to one and all. Also: #itsjustacup.

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