Parrot shows off impressive range of dance moves

He’s no Beyonce, but he’s no Elaine from “Seinfeld” either.

Jerry the parrot swivels his head, spins around, and sways back and forth to the beat of French-Brazilian pop song “Lambada” in a video recently uploaded to YouTube.

His owner is seen dancing along with him in the background, and Jerry does a nice job of mimicking her motions. For obvious reasons, he can’t join in when she starts clapping along to the beat.

Jerry can get down to other beats beside Brazilian pop. A previous video showed him swaying interpretatively along to a piece of classical music, “Dance of the Little Songs,” from the ballet “Swan Lake.”

Parrots have been among YouTube’s most popular dancers ever since Snowball the crested cockatoo was seen boogying along with the Backstreet Boys in a 2007 video.

That video caught the attention of scientists and raised the question of whether parrots can actually dance — that is, move spontaneously and rhythmically to a beat — or whether what they’re doing is actually just mimicry.   

Researchers tested Snowball’s ability to bob along to 20 different versions of a Backstreet Boys and searched for other videos of animals that appeared to be moving rhythmically. They concluded that yes — parrots can actually dance.

Fun fact: no other beast in the animal kingdom is able to do this. Researchers believe it might be related to parrots’ ability to imitate sounds.

This could have some interesting implications for us humans. It could be that our ability to copy what we hear is what allows us to bust out a move. So next time, blame your lame-o dance skills on your eyes, not your hips.

In any case, we just want to see a Jerry version of “Hotline Bling” at this point. Imagine what a parrot could do this with move.


And if we wanted to get really creative, what about a parrot version of the nae nae?


Actually, what the world really needs is a parrot-dancing super group. Forget these modern dance trends, let’s go with some classic Bob Fosse. Can’t you just picture a choreography involving Jerry, Snowball, and that other parrot that danced to “Gangham Style”  blowing the Internet away?

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