As if Jon “Bones” Jones wasn’t scary enough

Jon “Bones” Jones, a renowned UFC fighter, has had some time off from fighting in the cage since he felt compelled to leave the scene of an accident and was charged with hit-and-run. But let’s not dwell on that for now.

In recent photos posted by Jones on his Instagram account, it seems he has been keeping busy by putting on tons of muscle to accompany his incredible fighting skills. With an impressive fight record of 21 wins and only one loss (via disqualification), it’s not like Jones needed to change a thing. reported that Jones may be returning to the UFC octagon on April 23.  He’ll have the opportunity to show off his new physique and strength while likely beating the snot out of someone.

One does have to wonder if his New England Patriot younger brother, Chandler Jones, is still interested in a charity fight against him. Chandler does have a slight height and reach advantage and serious weight advantage, but what he doesn’t have is a list of 21 people he whooped in the cage.

Check out Bone’s site: and his Instagram account:

Jon "Bone" Jones transformation

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