ISIS fighter cries hysterically after capture

A video allegedly showing an ISIS fighter wailing dramatically after being captured in Iraq is circulating on YouTube and other social media networks.

The video was also recently broadcasted by Indian news television channel News 24.

The alleged ISIS fighter does not appear to have any injuries in the brief video. He is seen sitting in a vehicle, wearing a red jacket and jeans. His hands tied behind his back, and he cries loudly while blindfolded. A small group of armed men wearing flak jackets stand around watching, in what appears to be the middle of an unidentified desert landscape.

In the background is a car flying what looks like the Kurdish flag — known for its red, white, and green colors. Thus, the ISIS fighter’s captors can be presumed to be Kurdish — an ethnic group that makes up about 17 percent of Iraq’s population. They are based mostly in the northern part of the country. Kurdish forces have been fighting ISIS since the radical militia group seized control of much of northern Iraq in 2014.

A few of the Kurdish combatants can be seen patting the wailing ISIS fighter on the knee, near the beginning of the video. However, as the video goes on, the captive steadily cries louder and more hysterically, until other Kurdish fighters can be heard shushing him.

The video footage also shows another captive inside the vehicle. He is wearing a black jacket and rocks himself silently back and forth, but also appears to be uninjured. His face cannot be seen clearly in the shadows, and nor is it clear whether his hands are bound.

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, is at war with the Kurds in Syria, among other rival groups. Kurdish troops have been active combatants in pushing ISIS out of their territory in both Iraq and Syria in the past few years, with support from US-backed airstrikes. ISIS has also been getting bombarded on the internet by the hacker group Anonymous.

It is unclear when exactly the video was filmed and then uploaded to social media networks, but it may have picked up circulation in recent days due to fallout from the ISIS attacks on Paris.

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