Insane video making Donald Trump hairstyle with eggs and hot sauce

Prankster YouTube star HowToBasic — whose identity has never been publicly revealed — turned his attention to mocking presidential candidate Donald Trump in his latest upload.

The video, “How to style your hair like Donald Trump,” is filmed and edited in HowToBasic’s trademark over-the-top and hyperkinetic style.

According to the YouTuber, if you want to get a perfectly coiffed Trump-like hairdo, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Bleach your hair (with actual bleach). Don’t forget to wear protective gloves!
  2. Wash and towel off the bleach. Be unhappy with the results.
  3. Shave off your hair.
  4. Mix it with milk and raw eggs. Don’t worry about the eggshells!
  5. Add hot sauce!
  6. Give it a good pounding.
  7. Slap it back on your head.

Voila — Donald Trump hair. Although some might say the final, eggy result looks more like a dead animal.

Nevertheless, Trump himself has written that his hair is “100 percent mine” and that “no animals have been harmed in the creation of my hairstyle.”

Trump is known for his comb-over hair style that doesn’t look, shall we say, 100 percent natural.

Some theorize that Trump has undergone flap surgery — cutting away the bald parts of his scalp and replacing in with skin that is still producing hair. “If it sounds Frankenstein Monster-esque, that’s because it is,” Men’s Journal wrote when examining this theory.

Donald Trump would win second place in Iowa’s caucuses if they were held today, according to a recent poll released by Monmouth University. He would earn 19 percent of Iowa Republican voters, compared to 24 percent for the winner, Ted Cruz.

This is the first time that HowToBasic has focused his energies on mocking the Republican presidential candidate.

Most of HowToBasic’s absurdist, zany videos involve making a big mess and usings lots — and lots — of eggs, leading some fans to theorize that he must live on a chicken farm.

However, little is known about the video producer, aside from the fact that he likes to give tongue-in-cheek interviews, and reportedly lives in Australia.

He has been criticized for apparently wasting huge amounts of food in his videos, although he has claimed that he only works with expired products from the grocery store.

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