Have you ever said anything this dumb?

Ok, so we’ve all been in that situation where we know we’re in the wrong and we try to look cool in front of our friends. Sometimes, if you are not-so-quick-witted like this fella in Napa Valley, you end up saying some really dumb stuff that completely backfires.

So this guy has apparently been driving around Napa Valley like a lunatic and someone decided to confront him. Not only did the teenager show his shallow knowledge of the law by saying that being videoed was unlawful, but this clown went the extra mile. He thought it would be a great idea to say he was being molested by the man filming him. That’s a pretty strong accusation, especially since the entire interaction was caught on video and absolutely no physical contact was made.

Seems like this boy-genius is getting his though. He was kicked out of school and charges are being brought against him for the false accusation and for his crappy driving skills. Lesson here is don’t be a moron.

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