Guitarist rocks out to Star Wars orchestral theme

Guitarist Cooper Carter has released an impressive cover of the opening theme from  “Star Wars,” playing all 31 orchestral parts on several different electric guitars.

The video shows Carter rocking out to the melodies played by trumpets, clarinets, violins, cellos, and horns in the original orchestral theme. Not only is it a fresh take on what’s arguably one of the most recognizable pieces of music in film history, it’s also a fascinating way to see which instruments play which part in the original orchestral version. There’s even a few shots of Carter playing the part for the orchestral harp, which basically just consists of Carter strumming his guitar every few seconds.

By the end of the tune, you can pretty much picture that first shot of “Star Wars Episode IV,” in which the camera tilts downwards and reveals Luke Skywalker’s home planet, Tatooine, and an Imperial space ship flying overhead.

Somehow, Carter also managed to find over a dozen “Star Wars” shirts to wear in the video. Quite a few of them, however, depict “Star Wars” villains like the Emperor and Boba Fett. Maybe Carter’s true sympathies lie with the dark side.

Carter is a musician based in Atlanta who maintains a YouTube channel where he examines a different guitar solo every week.  Some of his song picks are pretty quirky — his first video broke down the guitar solo in Backstreet Boys’ tune “Larger than Life.” According to his website, he is also the guitar player in several bands, the majority of them based in the South.

Carter isn’t the only apparent “Star Wars” fan to release a creative take on that film’s music. Last year even saw a version of the “Imperial March” — music that is usually associated with “Star Wars” super-villain Darth Vader — played on floppy discs. And you know what? It sounded amazing.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is set to open in movie theaters on December 18, and is poised to break all kinds of records. According to the BBC, a group of fans have already set up camp outside the renowned TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

Composer John Williams also wrote the score for “The Force Awakens,” so there’s no doubt fans will hear a continuation of the original, iconic “Star Wars” score.

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