Child asks Santa to help friend with cerebral palsy

A fifth grader decided that instead of asking for a new iPad or iPhone this year, Santa should help out a classmate with cerebral palsy.

North Carolina resident Dakota Thomas suffers from the disease, which keeps him from walking without support from a mobility device or from standing by himself for long periods of time. Sufferers like Dakota may also experience difficulty in speaking.

His mother, Kristy Thomas, often writes about Dakota’s love for motorcycle-watching, his pet dog Rocky, and country music artist Mark Wills on Facebook. According to Kirsty, one of Dakota’s favorite Mark Wills song is called “Don’t Laugh at Me.” Sample lyrics: “don’t call me names/ don’t get your pleasure from my pain.”

One of Dakota’s classmates at Johnsonville Elementary School also decided that the cerebral palsy sufferer needed a break from name-calling.

As part of a classroom assignment, Dakota and other students wrote letters to Santa. One student asked Santa to give Dakota “special friends.”

“It would be the best day of his life,” the student wrote in the letter, which has been distributed widely in a Facebook post.

Friend’s letter to Santa

The student also asked Santa to do another favor for Dakota.

“Make people be kind to him,” the student wrote. “All you have to do is give people the ability of kindness.”

Hopefully this Christmas wish will come to pass, and Dakota will end up spending the holidays with some kind, special friends.

Unfortunately, there’s one part of the Santa letter that is unlikely to ever come true. The letter-writer also asked Santa to give Dakota “the ability to play sports.”

This would involve giving Dakota “the ability to have the same speed, strength, agility, and balance as us,” the letter states, adding, “If you give him this, you would make him the happiest person in [the] history of people.”

Sadly, while Dakota will probably never have this kind of physical strength, ultimately it’s the thought that counts. While the identity of the student who wrote the letter has not yet been revealed, Dakota’s mom has reportedly said that she found the note so touching, she was moved to tears, according to local news station WCNC.

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