Charlie Sheen is HIV positive even with tiger blood in his veins

Charlie Sheen comes out and admits he is in fact HIV positive and has had unprotect sex with multiple partners, especially prostitutes. No real surprise here, since we’ve all seen Charlie’s life unfold in all kinds of twists on in the news for years.

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb”, said Sheen about contracting HIV.

He’s also been quoted as saying “I don’t pay prostitutes for sex, I pay them to leave.” Well he’s paying them and others now as he has paid “into the millions” to people to keep his secret quiet. Some folks Sheen has had sex with have extorted him out of money by threatening to out his secret. One of his paid sexual partners took a photo of his HIV medicine and threatened to out his secret unless he paid. Despite the sextortion, Sheen did stop making questionable decisions with drugs and prostitutes. The news of his disease apparently just exacerbated his shame and depression.

Today’s Matt Lauer asked some pretty tough questions and Sheen is very eager to answer in what seems to be an honest way, but one has to wonder how truthful he is being. Any news of a slew of lawsuits won’t be a surprise either.

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