5 Things you didn’t know about Bill Cosby

In the blitz and glamor of Hollywood, Bill Cosby is one of the most notable personalities around the world. He is known for being a family name when he launched to a great career through The Cosby Show and Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids. Despite the scandal that is presently in the news where he is accused of raping numerous women, there are five interesting things that you might not know about him.

  1. He Dropped Out of School to Join the US Navy

    Cosby was a Navy medical aide

    Bill Cosby ditched high school when he failed out during 10th grade. He decided to join the navy where he was trained as medical aide. His first aid assignment was in Quantico, Virginia and later on he was assigned at Bethesda Naval Hospital where he worked with Korean veterans.

  2. First Appearance in Television

    Cosby on the New bill Cosby Show with Don Knotts in 1973

    Tonight Show was Cosby’s first appearance in national television. In this appearance he was able to show his famous routines for the first time where he performed a dialogue between Noah & God.

  3. Inducted into the Television Hall of Fame

    Cosby was inducted into TV Hall of Fame

    As one of the most notable television personalities for almost 30 years, Bill Cosby starred and produced numerous series. As a matter of fact, Bill Cosby was nominated at the Emmy Awards for eight times and won four of them. Bill Cosby was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1992 for being a good role mode for children and a television personality.

  4. 1997 was a rough year for Bill (so is 2015/2016)

    Autumn Jackson tried to extort Cosby for $40M indicating she was his daughter.

    Tragedy and scandal struck Mr. Cosby in 1997. Ennis, his son, was robbed and killed while he was fixing a tire. Another misfortune for that year is when a woman Autumn Jackson claims that she was the daughter of Cosby. The woman tried to extort 40 million dollars from Cosby. On the other hand, the story was discovered to be false and Jackson was found guilty of extortion and imprisoned for 26 months.

  5. Bill meets President George W. Bush

    Cosby awarded Medal of Freedom from George W. Bush (image src:

    Mr. Cosby was recognized by President George W. Bush in 2002. He was awarded with the Medal of Freedom. This award was given to him as part of his contribution to the world of entertainment. This is due to the fact that Bill Cosby has become a good example for children.

So often we see seemingly wonderful people overshadowed by skeletons in there closet. Cosby is no exception. If the allegations against him are true (all signs point to this being the case), all of the trust he gained from the world throughout his career will dissolve into the ether and a dark shadow of hate will be cast over him.

Our hearts go out to any women who have been victimized.

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