11-year-old helps deliver baby sister

Most 11-year-olds are busy texting emojis to their friends. But this young British girl helped deliver her baby sister while her mother was in labor for just over two hours.

As the British press is reporting, Caitlin Burke was awakened at 5 a.m. when her mother’s waters broke.

Her mother, Tara, had sent her boyfriend Daniel to drop off another, younger daughter at a relative’s house. But 10 minutes after he left, Tara went into labor.

Caitlin is the oldest of five children, so she’s presumably used to taking on responsibility. She called an ambulance, and the medical staff gave Caitlin instructions on how to make her mother comfortable.

“I was screaming in pain but Caitlin was calm throughout,” Tara told local newspaper the Birmingham Mail.

“I did loads of things,” the young girl says while describing the experience in a video.

“I saw the [baby’s] head, so I had to… get loads of towels and put them under and around her,” she adds.

caitlin burke and sister

Caitlin Burke with her mom and sister that she helped to deliver

“I couldn’t do what she has done at my age, let alone the age of 11,” Caitlin’s mother told the Birmingham Mail.

Once the baby was out at 7 a.m., Caitlin even helped unravel the umbilical cord that was wrapped around the infant.

The newspaper doesn’t explain why an ambulance didn’t eventually come to help the family during Tara’s two-hour labor, or why Tara couldn’t use a cell phone to call her partner. The Burkes live in the town of Tamworth, population 77,000, in central England. Maybe they don’t have cell phones? Or fast ambulances?

Perhaps most impressively, after Caitlin finished helped delivering the baby, she went to school as though it was just another ordinary morning. Even if she had arrived late, she would have had a really good excuse to give her teacher.

The baby girl is called Elsa Monet, according to the Birmingham Mail. As for Caitlin, she says she’s now inspired to become a midwife, so she better crack open that biology textbook.

Caitlin is also presumably going to have a very close bond with baby Elsa, given that for that rest of Elsa’s life, Caitlin will be perfectly justified in constantly reminding everyone that she delivered Elsa with her bare hands.

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